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Our goal is simple - to provide the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive job search available - anywhere. Our vast index of job listings is made possible by job boards (both big and small), employers and recruiters who take part in our unique Contributor program. We treat all jobs as equal and strive to offer a fair, and unbiased result to the end user.

If you would like to include your jobs in the index as part of our Contributor program please supply them in our preferred XML data feed format. Feeds submitted in the format will reviewed and indexed more quickly then other formats and may perform better in our results depending on the amount of information provided in the feed.

We do however except feeds formatted for,,,, and as well as a number of other services. If you would like to submit your jobs in one of these formats please feel free.

A few important facts you should know about

  • There is no fee for including your jobs in
  • Search results are objectively based strictly on relevance
  • Feed providers can improve their rankings through our simple, no cost, Contributor Badge Program

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