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Ups Jobs in Ruth, NV

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  1. - C-A-L Ranch - Ely, NV
    6 days ago - Accurately operate the inventory system for price checking and item look-ups.* Make change; take checks; run credit/debit cards and issue receipts to customers .* Reads and records totals shown on ... - Save Job - - More

    View Job Details : Cashier

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  2. - Idaho Division of Human Resources - 
    30+ days ago - Vertical Jump Minimum Passing Score = 14 Inches 2.) Sit-Ups (in one minute) Minimum Passing Score = 15 Repetitions 3.) Push-Ups (no time limit) Minimum Passing Score = 21 Repetitions 4.) 1.5 Mile ... - Save Job - - More
  3. - Serco - 
    13 days ago - Designs and coordinates test set ups and experiments to prove or disprove the feasibility of preliminary design; uses untried and untested measurement techniques; and improves the performance of ... - Save Job - - More

    View Job Details : Engineering Technician V

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  4. - DataPath - 
    19 days ago - ... (SSPA), Antenna Control Unit (ACU), and associated cabling and interconnects; Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Units; Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS); Generator (if applicable). - Save Job - - More

    View Job Details : Senior SATCOM Engineer - OCONUS -Tiger Team

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